Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group Meeting No.4

The fourth meeting of the Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group was held at 10.00am Thursday 29th of October, 2009 at the Gympie Regional Council Chambers in Gympie.


Wayne Eddy (BRC, Chairman), Gabrielle Bogner (FCRC), Jane Pereira (FCRC), Kevin Walsh (FCRC), Malcolm Herbert (FCRC), Cameron Brauer (NBRC), Darius Erikson (NBRC), Peter Van-Breeman (NBRC), Chris Littlejohns (SBRC), James Darcy (SBRC), Kerry Wade (SBRC), Tony Fanshaw (GRC), Paul Quinlan (GRC), Peter Walker (GRC)


Meeting Report

The meeting was chaired by Peter Walker initially.

Last Meeting Recap

Some report back from the previous meeting was given, especially the discussion and setup concerning Council Wiki pages based on WE’s model.
Mention was made of continuing discussions with Unit Rate items, and difficulties with obtaining a list of items submitted by MH.

Asset Management Advancement Program 2009-10 (AMAP 2010)

See http://www.dip.qld.gov.au/about-local-government-and-councils/sustainability-and-reporting.html

MH raised the topic, and mentioned his concerns about Councils achieving the target of 31 Dec 2010.
General discussion took place with a deal of concern.
Most Councils are still dealing with issues arising from Amalgamation, e.g.: data consolidation, data validity, resources, merging systems, etc.

The suggestion was made to use the timeline list for comparative reporting between our Council members.
Wayne has added links and info to the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base.

KW mentioned that SBRC will be using consultants to assist with achieving AMAP.

PV-B mentioned that if the AMAP process helps to achieve standards that would be a good outcome.

KW / PV-B / PW / TF all said that resources necessary to achieve AMAP is likely to be a problem.

MH expressed his concern at the ongoing need to convince Council / CEO / Executive Managers of the importance of Assets and achieving AMAP.

PW mentioned treating AMAP as a project plan.

WE mentioned that he was currently working on an Asset Management Plan for Drainage that he thought might serve as a template for other AMPs. The current (unfinished version) is available here.

PW asked the group what support there was in each council for Asset Management. All said that AM staffing appeared at a level 4 down from the CEO.

KW said he was preparing a schema for an “ideal AM Team structure”, and requested each council supply their present structure to him.

MH / PV-B / PW / WE / KW will supply for each council present.

MH identified and emphasised the role / requirement of Risk Management in Asset Management.

Tea / Coffee break

The meeting had a break from 10:45 to 11:00


GRC presented a demo of processes implemented which extracted ADAC data from drawings to GIS / Assets. The demo appeared to be beneficial to those attending, and generated a good number of questions.
Hopefully it was good as we managed to hold everyone captive for 90 minutes!
Most of today’s attendees will attend the ADAC Showcase to be held at Maryborough (FCRC) on 11 November 2009.

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