Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group Meeting No.3

The third meeting of the Wide Bay Burnett Asset Management Group was held at 10.00am Friday 11th of September, 2009 at the Isis Cultural Centre in Childers.


Wayne Eddy (BRC), Tony Fanshaw (GRC), Peter Walker (GRC), Tony Laszlo (GRC), Chris Littlejohns (SBRC), Kerry Wade (SBRC).



There was a length discussion about the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base and wikis in general and how to use them.
Tony Laszlo is keen to set up a Gympie Regional Council wiki, and the relative merits of a MediaWiki wiki set up on a Council Server and a Wikidot wiki set up on a remote server were debated.
Wayne offered to set up a Wikidot wiki (like this one) for any or all of the member Councils, and to visit Gympie & Kingaroy to help explain how to use them effectively. Tony and Wayne are both enthusiastic about wikis as a collaboration tool and would like to see them used to store and disseminate knowledge within and between Councils.

Notes: Trial Wikis have been set up for Gympie & South Burnett.


Peter Walker & Tony Lazlo gave an overview of how Gympie Regional Council was using ADAC and a bit of general information about it.
Fraser Coast, Bundaberg & South Burnett Councils are all interested in visiting Gympie to see ADAC in action, and a tentative date of Thursday 22 October was set for a visit.

Action Plan

It was agreed that an Action Plan needs to be developed.

Asset Management Policies

It was noted that the old Bundaberg City Council Policy has been uploaded to the LGAM Knowledge Base.

Asset Revaluations

Asset revaluations were discussed briefly, and in particular whether it would be practical to revalue some asset classes in house using unit rates.

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans may need to be completed by the end of 2010.
Tony Laszlo will try to locate an Asset Management Plan Template he has seen on a State Government Website, and post a link.

Local Government Reform Fund

One of the stated objectives of the Local Government Reform Fund is to support collaboration between councils on a regional basis for service delivery and planning, which ties in nicely with the objectives of this group.
Wayne reported that he had contacted the LGAQ recently to see if they had received any information on how the fund was to be administered yet. The LGAQ advised that the Commonwealth are still working out the details of administering the reform fund, but it is expected that the details will be determined and announced in October. LGAQ will advise councils accordingly.

Progress Report for ROC

Progress Report for ROC

Unit Rates

Malcolm Herbert provided a copy of Fraser Coast Regional Councils unit rates prior to the meeting, which has been uploaded to this site. See the Unit Rates page. All present agreed that the other Councils should do the same, and that this site should be used to develop a common unit rate methodology.

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