Water & Wastewater Asset Systems Working Group

Purpose of the Working Group

  • To discuss issues affecting the implementation of Assetic in the Area of W&WW Assets to ensure operational, maintenance, financial and reporting needs are all considered. This is to ensure processes, data structure and forms support both the system integrity and the day to day needs of all users.
  • To discuss and contribute to Asset management Plans as part of ????process


  • Wayne Eddy
  • Bruce Janke
  • Bruce Goodall
  • Jeff Rohdmann
  • Terry Hartnett
  • Ron Russell
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • Chantell Martens
  • Ken Goodall
  • David Mason

Possible Discussion Topics

Reporting Requirements (of W&WW section that requires an output from Assetic in some form)

  • Release Limits - > Jeff mentioned the requirements for licences for discharging is getting more stringent and their is an expectation BRC will need to show continual improvement in its discharging activities. Tom has provided a copy of the reporting to the water Regulator previously. W&WW are working toward entering data into a website portal and arranging a third party to do the necessary reporting for all aspects of its activities. More focussed discussion is required to fleshh out the aspects that assetic is required to meet as welll as the how and who.
  • Financial Reconciliation Report -> Auditors
  • Trade Services - Internal Reporting
  • WH&S Records
  • Operational Costs ->
  • Lifecycle Costs

Asset Groups

The Assets section is seeking to align its breakup and display of asset heirachy to match the operational view of its infrastructure.

Work Flows

BRC Wiki

WHIP/AMS Phase out

  • Trade Service not happy with existing CRM functionality (slow, time-consuming, missing WHIP functionality).
  • IT have been involved in previous discussions about the use of the work handling component of Assetic and have indicated they would look at the feasibility of data transfer from CRM to releveant fields in Assetic to reduce duplication.

CRM Integration

Asset Management Plans

  • [[Service Levels]]]

Assetic Functionality

  • Treatment Options
  • Treatment Drivers - rutting, oxidation, ravelling, etc.

MyPredictor Science:

  • Condition Assessment Guidelines (Physical Assessment, Desktop Assessment, Work History Knowledge, Johnhy (Joe) Johnson the truck driver).
  • Other assessment guidleines (criticallity, functionality & capacity).
  • Development [[[operational levels of service]] (intervention levels, hierarchy, response time & performance standards.
  • Strategic Levels of Service (requires Council endorcement).
  • Develop Treatment Decision Matrices

Activity Scheduling

Bruce indicated a number of the programs raised have been addressed and some increased functionality is required to add some of the more complex programs managed by systems external to AMMS

  • Jeff to provide Assets with a list of activities that need scheduling, but aren't yet scheduled.
  • Loose Tools
  • Ladders
  • Breathing Apparatus ?

Renewal Prorgams

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