Sealed Road Shoulder Maintenance

Sealed road shoulder maintenance is a maintenance activity carried out on the shoulders of sealed roads.

The goal of shoulder maintenance is to restore the road shoulders to a condition where they capable of satisfying their main objectives, namely to;

  • provide a safe and smooth transition for road users who accidently leave or are forced to leave the sealed pavement area.
  • protect the sealed pavement from excess deterioration such as edge breaks.
  • allow vehicles to safely manouvre on and off the sealed road pavement.

This maybe achieved by either shoulder grading or shoulder resheeting depending on the amount of gravel available insitu.


Shoulder maintenance at BRC is carried out in response to complaints and as a result of inspections. There are no service levels in place to help determine when it should be carried out.

Shoulder Grading is done in accordance with:

Fraser Coast


South Burnett

North Burnett

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