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Councils typically develop and refer to a wide range of policies, directives & procedures.
Some are specific to a single Council and situation, but others are fairly standard and only vary slightly from Council to Council.

Often there is a distinction in the approval process. Policies may be set by the elected Council, whereas Directives and Procedures could be approved by the General Manager and Executives.

A library of typical policies & procedures could be a very good resource for all Councils.

If you agree with the above statement, there are two ways you can help.

  1. If you need to draft a policy or procedure and are looking for a template or example to look at, create the page as a stub. With a bit of luck someone will have already developed a similar policy and will post it to the site.
  2. If you have a policy that you are willing to post to the site either as an example or as a template, please do so.

Policy Listing

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Please note the list of policies above is different to the policy list on the LGAM page. Click here for the LGAM policy list.

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