A building is any man-made structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or continuous occupancy.

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Queensland Urban Drainage Manual

The Queensland Urban Drainage Manual defines a buildings as "a habitable room; retail or commercial space; factory or warehouse; basement providing car parking space, building services or equipment; or enclosed car park or enclosed garage."

Types of Buildings

The LG Asset Program distinguishes between Short & Long Life Buildings. Garden sheds are obviously short life and major brick and masonry buildings are obviously long life, but there are many buildings somewhere in between.

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Building Components

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Legislation & Standards

There are a numerous Acts, Standards and Codes of Practice that pertain to or have sections pertaining to buildings. The list below by no means exhaustive so please feel free to add additional items to the list.

Service Level Measures

Councils are required to set levels of service for all asset categories in Asset Management Plans in most states. Knowing what to measure is not always easy. The table below contains a list of possible service level measures. (Just a brainstormed list at this point in time) Please feel free to add any additional suggestions you may have.

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BRC Public Buildings (Edit)

Notes (Edit)

BRC Building Components

BRC currently breaks up buildings into up to 8 components, depending on the type of building.

Component Useful Life Notes
Building Envelope 45-90 years -
Floor 60-100 years Useful life dependent on material type, i.e. concrete or timber
Floor Coverings 15-25 years Carpets, tiles, etc.
Internal Screens 20 years -
Roof 40-65 years Includes both cladding & frame
Mechanical Services 25-35 years Air conditioners
Fire Services 40 years -
Transportation Services 25 years Lifts, etc.
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