Bourbong Street Highlift Pump Station

The Bourbong Street Highlift Pump Station is located within the Bourbong Street Tower Water Supply Reserve in Bundaberg West. It was originally known as the Town Pumps Highlift Station, but it was renamed in May 2007 to reflect its street address.

Site Plan


Property Details

Lot 121 on CP817946

Functional Description

Operational Description

Two 9 megalitre ground level reservoirs (Bourbong Street Reservoir & Woondooma Street Reservoir) provide water to three large highlift pumps. Chlorine is added at the suction during pump operation. The discharge is to a rising main feeding the Turner Street Water Tower. The rising main is also connected to the reticulation network via mains over the Tallon Bridge and in Enterprise Street, Takalvan Street and Bolewski Street. A permanent standby generator can run the whole station during power outages.


SCADA performes a monitoring role and a number of controlling functions

Water Source

Branyan Water Treatment Plant
Heaps Street Water Tower via the Takalvan Street Reverse Fill Valve.
Works Depot Highlift Pump Station via the Emergency Fill Valve.
Powers Street Highlift Pump Station in an emergency.

Water Control Source



Three centrifugal pumpsets pump from a manifold connected to the bottom of both Ground level reservoirs. No1 and No2 pump at 210l/s each with No3 at 320l/s

Output To

  1. 225mm main over Tallon Bridge to North reticulation or reverse fill North reservoir
  2. 600mm rising main to Turner Street Water Tower
  3. 375mm main to Mellifont Street Booster Pump Station via Takalvan Street Transfer Main control valve
  4. Reticulation off the 600mm rising main at Enterprise St, Takalvan St, and Bolewski St.

Station Control

Level in Turner Street Water Tower via electrodes to SCADA.

Primary Function

Distribute water from the Branyan Water Treatment Plant to West, North and via the booster station East Bundaberg.


Station runs on demand continuously.


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