AM Team Structure

The five Wide Bay Burnett Councils have a number of different Asset Management Team structures.


Bundaberg's Management Structure has 3 and a half levels.
Level 1 - CEO
Level 2 - Six Directors
Level 2.5 - Group Managers (only applicable to Infrastructure Services)
Level 3 - Managers

Most asset functions fall under either Manager Assets or Manager Finance, Accounting & Reporting.

  • Manager Assets
    • Assets Officer
    • Assets Officer
    • Maintenance Planner
    • Maintenance Planner
  • Manager Finance, Accounting & Reporting
    • Assets Accounting Supervisor
    • Assets Officer

Fraser Coast


Gympie's Management Structure has 4 levels.
Level 1 - CEO
Level 2 - Five Directors
Level 3 - Four Division Managers (only applicable to Engineering Services Directorate)
Level 4 - Twenty Five Managers

Most asset functions fall under either the Infrastructure Planning Manager or the GIS Manager (Engineering Services Directorate) or the Management Accountant (Financial Services Directorate).

  • Infrastructure Planning Manager
    • Civil Engineering Assets Officer
  • GIS Manager
    • GIS / Assets Cadet
  • Management Accountant
    • Assets Officer - Finance

Field measurements are done by Design Division staff, including Surveyors, and Works Division staff. These Divisions fall under the Engineering Services Directorate.

North Burnett

South Burnett

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